Monday, 13 June 2005

Beautiful Morning

  I woke this morning at 5:30 am with sun streaming in and the dawn chorus in full swing. I couldn't possibly go back to sleep on such a beautiful morning. So with camera and sketchbook went for a walk on Morgan's Hill Nature Reserve.

A fantastic display of chalk downland wildflowers, including orchids. The low early morning sun was picking out the folds and ridges in the hillside and the criss-cross sheep tracks. Blackcaps were singing their hearts out. The misty fields stretched into the distance like a patchwork quilt. What an inspiring place to be on such a beautiful morning.

Morgan's Hill
Folds in the landscape seen at dawn, Morgan's Hill, Wiltshire

Patchwork fields
View north from Morgan's Hill to a patchwork of fields

Towards Cherhill
View north east from Morgan's Hill - on the hill in the distance is the Lansdowne Monument, a stone obelisk erected by Sir William Petty in 1845.

Lesser butterfly orchid
Lesser butterfly orchid, Morgan's Hill Nature Reserve, Wiltshire

Common Spotted Orchid
Common spotted-orchid, Morgan's Hill Nature Reserve, Wiltshire

Yellow rattle
Yellow rattle, a semi-parasitic wildflower, feeds on the roots of grasses. It gets its name from the rattle of the seeds in the seed-pod.

Wild flower carpet
The rich sward of the chalk downlands of Wiltshire - common spotted-orchid, salad burnet, silverweed, meadow buttercup... a wildflower carpet

Red campion and black bryony

Red campion in flower with black bryony climbing up the tree


jpsam said...

Ah, to be in England in springtime...Wonderful photos...I've admired your work since seeing it in Quilting Arts and am looking forward to reading your blog.

Mrs. Mel said...

Thanks so much for sharing your landscape and flowers with us. I had no idea of the wonderful plantlife that you have described. Another reason to add to my long list of why I am such an Anglophile.